PLEASE NOTE - This final version of the Golden Buckeye 2016 criteria. No further modifications will be added in the future.

We are pleased to announce the 2nd ever Golden Buckeye!


What is it?

The Golden Buckeye is a painting competition which focuses on what's important, getting painters of all levels and celebrating their work! 

How does it work?

Painters have the ability to submit 1 entry per category below (up to Max 2 entries total):

Future/Fantasy Single Model (Includes Historicals)

Future/Fantasy Unit/Diorama (Includes Historicals)

Large Model (Includes all Ranges/Themes of which the Model is taller than 6")

Entries can be submitted starting Friday at 5pm and will be Submitted by no later than Saturday March 5th at 12pm EST.

Judging will take place between Saturday March 5th from 12pm and 10pm EST.

Models will be available for pickup Sunday March 6th from 12pm and 5pm

Awards will be announced in the Fantasy main hall Sunday March 6th at 4:30pm EST

What will be given out as awards and what are the levels?

As this is our first year we will give out the following awards:

Major Awards

The Golden Buckeye - Plaque for Overall best entry

Minor Awards
The Single Buckeye - Award for best Single Model entry (Not the Golden Buckeye)

The Buckeye Diorama - Award for best Diorama entry (Not the Golden Buckeye)

The Large Buckeye - Award for best Large Model (Not the Golden Buckeye)

No Entry may win more than "one" award.

No Painter may win more than "one" Award.